How to disable hover on mobile on a wordpress site?

Cannot find a solution anywhere for this! Any help appreciated.

How can I disable hover effects on mobile? Specifically the Post Grid Hover.
Where in WP do I add the new code?

I am not code savvy. I am using The 7 Wordpress Theme with WP Bakery.
Post grid hover effects are not needed on mobile for my site and cause a disjointed UX (like many sites out there).

So far I have added this to the WP Bakery Custom CSS area, but no joy:

/* Mobile Style Sheet /
@media (hover:none) {
Primary Input doesn’t respond to hover at all, even partially (ie: there is no pointing device) */

Any help appreciated!!

Hello @grantcanna,

There are 2 places where you can enter custom CSS code in WordPress backend, the first one will be in theme options the second one will be in Customizer > Custom CSS, you’ll need to have some basic understanding of media queries to disable these styles in mobile.

If you want someone to do it for you for a small fee I can help you, you can contact me here