Ronneby Theme Issues Mobile Version & WP Bakery/VC

Hi all! I am switching my website from Wix ( to Wordpress (currently, and trying to make improvements on the mobile design. I have Ronneby Theme.

One issue I am having with the site is the Over 400 Positive Reviews area. I can’t get the images to line up nicely and at this point I’d rather have them all in one thin row, however I do not understand how to make that possible.

Overall, I think that the desktop version looks mostly good, but the mobile is not. I was looking into WPtouch plugin for creating a mobile site, but I saw that it is incompatible with WP Bakery themes. Does anyone have a suggestion for how I can adjust the our mobile to look modern and sleek? This is the place where most people visit our site. Does anyone else find WP Bakery to be difficult to configure mobile with, or is this a fault of the theme I am using?