How to create a custom Folio by assembling specific pages of a website into a sharable package.


I’m looking for either a Wordpress plugin or theme that allows a visitor to collect their own collection of pages from a website and group them together into a package that can be shared. For example, a designer’s website that has a page for each of their projects. A visitor could click on an ‘Add to Folio’ button and the website would start adding that to a list. When the visitor had all they wanted, they could download the Folio into a format that could be saved and shared.

A good example is - click on any project and you will see a list of options in the left-hand column. One of the options is Folio. If you click on that, you get the option to ‘Add to Folio’. If you do that for a few projects and then save it, it lets you download a single PDF that has the PDF for each of the selected projects collected into a single PDF file. A custom portfolio created by a potential customer who selected the contents.

Is there a plugin or Wordpress theme with that functionality? I really like the Enteco theme, and would like to add that functionality.

And, hello everyone! Sorry to be so demanding in a first post!


This would definitely require custom building

The complexity and cost will be heavily dependent on what it is that users are grouping, what exactly needs to happen once they select several items.

Also things like do users need to subscribe/register before being able to download a selection? Does each item selected need to be recorded/tracked? Etc etc.

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for taking a look. No, it would not require signing in or registering since the idea is that anonymous visitors could create their own collection to read later. Nor would it need to be recorded or tracked.

Another way I’ve seen this used is by the architects themselves to quickly gather together a collection into a single PDF that they can email to a prospective client. For large firms with hundreds of project sheets, it’s a way to focus on just a few projects that are relevant to a prospect.

I’m guessing that the project sheets PDFs are stored in a resources folder, and this functionality simply gathers them into a single PDF. I say simply, but notice at the WDG Architects website linked above, that it also adds a customizable cover sheet and an accurate table of contents. Pretty nifty!

I don’t think it’s that complex but it may well be too niche for a stock marketplace

That said - have a look at photography themes and plugins especially wedding ones as those are the type of site that would use this