how to contact Envato ?

We bought flatboat theme, which is by the way an old theme, we asked for support to ThemeSquared but we had no return, we tried again but still no answer (2 weeks ago now), so we would liked a refund to buy another theme but I couldn’t find anywhere to contact EnvatoMarket
How can I get the refund ?

Hello. Please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center.


sorry but your link doesn’t work
I tried but came back to this forum

Strange. It’s working for me. May try this one?


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that one worked

Excellent :smiley:

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Hi again,
I asked for a refund but had no answer.
We’d liked to buy another theme but we want to be sure that we will get the refund.
I can’t find in my profile the refund request, is it normal ?
Why can’t we contact directly someone who will follow our requests ?

Unfortunately, you will need to be patient while envato checks it.

Out of interest - I don’t see any file with that name? How long ago did you buy this item? Do you have a link to it on the marketplace?

I’m not sure what do you need to check ?
We bought this item just before summer holidays, but we started to work after end of August and we needed support but we never had the chance to have answers from support
This is the theme :

Given the author claims to support it, then assuming you tried contacting them here and you purchased the item less than 6 months ago then I would expect Envato to approve the refund relatively quickly

Right, thank you