How to change item thumbnails globally across portfolio

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know how to globally or at least batch replace the “optional thumbnails” from our items? Or at least disable the optional thumbnail and let it assume our regular logo on all items?

I started out by doing custom thumbnails for each item, but eventually stopped doing so to keep the collection more coherent, but now I have to manually upload the thumbnails to a good part of my early portfolio every time I update my logo.

Any help is highly appreciated!


Unfortunately, you can not…

Pity… Just have to do the work then.

I also have a question on this subject:

If I were to upload a track without a thumbnail, would the track appear with my account logo? Or do I have to upload a thumbnail for each track I want to upload?


If you don’t upload a thumbnail, your logo will be displayed by default.

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If you upload the track without uploading the image file, the item defaults to your account logo in my experience.

Beat me to it… :grin:

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Thanks, for your fast response :slightly_smiling_face:

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