Thumbnail section in uploader is gone.

Hi There,

I just trying to upload my motion graphic after 2 months not upload anything :sweat_smile:

i get confused because the thumbnail upload section is gone, is anyone having the same situation? how i can upload the thumbnail?

As i remember it is automaticaly generated

We’ll also be removing custom thumbnails at the upload stage for both multiclip and single clip uploads, as these will now be auto-generated based on the image preview you choose. If desired, you can still upload a custom thumbnail via the edit form, once your item has passed review.

Read full announcement.

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Strange and unproductive changes. It makes no sence. removing custom thumbnails at item’s setup stage and leave them for further editing after approval looks just illogical for me. When I first time saw uploader changes I was totally frustrated and angry.
unnesesary one more step in workflow for change ugly and messy generated thumbs to proper ones made by own is just pointless waste of time… very nice, envato :frowning:

its really strange, but anyway we need to deal with it :grimacing:

Thank you all for your reply :relaxed:

@WashIrving @SVMD Not strange at all. All new UI design exclude thumbnails. I think it’s a matter of time when Envato update UI of portfolio, collections and main page. After that thumbnails will be gone completely. In this case absolutely logical not include custom thumbnails on upload process.

Yes, sure, if thumbnails will be removed completely it make sence but while they are in use on the market and in author’s portfolios pages why not to leave opportunity to setup thumbs in a proper stage of upload process?
UI design changes is cool and everething flows but there is no UI changes for now. just simple step to make my personal life little bit worst, nothing else.
Still sadness and frustration :disappointed:

UI design for such a big site can’t change within one week, it’s long process, including different tests.

By the way a lot of authors asked about auto-generated thumbnails and preview images for years.

if the thumbnail remove, i need to change all my items title, cause i use the same title for booth 4K and FHD resolution, i give the information in thumbnail and cover, let’s how it goes with the UI :grimacing:

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