How to change css (fonz size and capital) with moodle-klassroom-theme


I bought the moodle-template klassroom.
I was wandering how to change css like font, font size and color.
For eample I need to remoce capital size from all fonts.

Regarding to google the css is located at “**/home/username/public_html/moodle/theme/standard/style/core.css”

First of all there is no core.css but a custom.css
No matter what I change, there is no effect at all.

Regarding to the chrome console (where I can do all changes temporarely), the css is not related to a certain css-file, but for example:

Any Ideas how to change the font, site, capital, etc.?

Regards Mark


Contact with your purchase item author @cmsbrand right here as a comments hope they will helped!


Hi ublockdesign, sure:

@cmsbrand my number is:
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