Themeforest Theme - Need to change content font color

Hi there. I’m not a developer, just someone trying to do the company website. I got themeforest-13639966 for WordPress and have been scanning through the css sheets but having no luck. The normal content text is too light for our older clients.

Can someone offer me help on where to go to find the correct stylesheet/div? I’ve been looking through bootstrap.css and font-awesome.css unsuccessfully.

Thank you!

Looks like you’ll need to update these lines. This info is based on the live demo for that theme (from style-default-blue.css), I can’t access the actual files to see if they’re different.

  • Line 155, color: #9f9f9f; (inside the p rule).
  • Line 262, color: #9f9f9f; (inside the body rule).

If you don’t see them, you can try Ctrl+F searching for 9f9f9f. If you still don’t see them, you might be looking in the wrong file, or the color may be different on your installation.

Hi there Bailey:
I did see style-default-blue.css and id’d those lines, but the main css stylesheet made references to the other two that I mentioned. I’ll go, open that one up and edit it.

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Hi Bailey:

Opening the style-default-blue.css it says there are 5 errors which must be fixed before you can update this file.

I have made no changes at this point.

The lines with errors: 115, 134, 141, 155, 3106.

Some of them seem pretty straightforward but some, I don’t know what’s wrong and I’m reticent to just go in swinging.