Change template color CSS

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to easily change the color of the Health Coach joomla template.
Headband, trim, font, buttons…
Should we change directly in the CSS, or is it possible to change the color theme from the template?


You should contact the author to discuss the changes with them. The CSS file located at:


Would be the one you need to look at for colours etc, but my recommendation would be to make a BACKUP COPY, then play around with it.

In fact, I haven’t bought the template yet, so it’s hard to contact the author. I know how to change the CSS, but I wanted to know if this template already has several pre-saved color schemes.

Just ask in item comments

Thanks very much

Can I change a web theme color using wordpress?

It depends on the theme. Some have the ability to make changes like colours in the theme options.

All WP installations have the customise section where you can add CSS which should other wise apply changes