how to become an author on Envato Elements.

Finally, the Elements Author Forum is open to anyone. including non-author elements. I once submitted a form to become an author in element but it didn’t work. I want to know what I have to prepare to reapply. I think this forum is a great forum and I can get the right answer so I can try to resubmit the element registration form. send regards for success.

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I think need the following :

  1. There are many products
  2. Good product quality, unique style
  3. Always upload, update new products

You can sign up through my referrals.

Try to resubmit the form, but take into consideration that there are already many Elements authors, maybe that’s one of the reasons because your submission was rejected.

These things you have written are not at all reasons to receive on the Elements, there are a lot of opposite examples there… author probably need to be a beautiful, blonde and tall :grinning:

I will sign up via your link out of curiosity because since the last two times I didn’t get an answer at all…

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