How to apply Sweet Birthday discount?


Someone could tell me how to do to incorporate items in the Envato discounts, for Sweet Birthday?

I can’t find a way to apply the 30% discount.
Thanks in advance!



Take a look on this thread about Birthday Discount!

Hope you will understand about that.


You don’t need to do anything for discount settings. Everything will be automatic.

Who is responsible for changing the price of items?

All item prices will be automatically changed at the beginning of the Campaign sale, between 10am and 2pm (AEST) on 13th August 2019

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can anybody make it clear about it consists in and what is it going to bring to the table anyway? now there is self pricing , if u want to practice dumping u can do all year long …

Thank you very much for your reply! It was very useful
Unfortunately no more items are accepted.

Thank you very much for your reply!