How to activate license


I’ve been purchasing few templates through envato time to time and receive license information/ file. But I am not sure how to use that. Is there any link or can you please explain how to activate the license. Sorry for the basic question.

Looking forward to getting the help.


I think you will get the solution for your question at here



I need the information for non wordpress site. When I use it with a php or php framework developed application. How should I use the license key so that it is treated as authentic, the purpose of purchasing it, not copying paste html-css. Hop you got my query.

Depending on the item, when it comes to html templates etc., there may or may not be dynamic activation like with WP themes but it’s important to have st least a record of where items are used in case you need to prove it

for non wordpress site you can ask the Item Author Contact Author if they have any Item activation/registration process of the Item to maintain their support system.

Thanks for the replies. It seems then people can purchase one template with single license and then use in multiple project if require!! If there is no such dependency of the license file.

Not at all - on almost all WP themes the p/code is needed and in html/php templates or plugins authors often use different ways to track use, installation etc.