How the webflow templates are sold here?

Hello. I do not understand how the webflow templates are sold here. You have to pay for the template on this site. But you also need to pay for webflow, otherwise you will not get a template. That is, pay two times or what? Or is it informal templates? Then how does the seller pass the template to the buyer and in what form?

Explain me please the sale of webflow templates from start to finish, so that everything was absolutely clear.

The themes on this marketplace are uploaded by freelance authors from around the world. They are not affiliated with Webflow, so you will definitely need to have purchased Webflow separately in order to use them.

Once you purchase a Webflow template on ThemeForest you can redeem it. This Tuts+ article explains how to do so:

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Thus, in any case, to sell these templates I should to be an official developer of webflow templates?

Iā€™m not sure I correctly understood your question.

Perhaps you were interested in how to activate the purchased webflow CMS template?
Activation is simple:
1. You must register or have at least a free webflow account.
2. Then, the purchased template must be activated in your webflow account.
Here is a link to instructions on how to do this