How much is your bounce and exist rate?

How much is your bounce and exit rate?

Well, theoretically I’ve been existing for 26 years. But how many of those years have I been existing vs really seizing the day by the cojones? I’d say it’s probably a 80-20 split. 20% exist, 80% seize.


Well @matthewcoxy I think you made a “different aspect” comment.
@CodeAddict is actually asking about the bounce & exit rate on Google Analytics I think (and maybe there is a typo issue on the subject “exist” instead of “exit” and that leads the question to a very different subject, a little bit “lifestyle philosophy”). :slight_smile:

Yes I mean on analytic… And for 5 days I just have 1000 views and it’s getting lower and lower (20 views/day)…:confused: