How much fee do I have to pay as exclusive auther?

I exclusively sell item on code canyon and auther fee is deducted everytime i get paid. Do it gets reduce on selling more and more item or any other method.

Answer is the same a your previous thread, you need to enter your tax information as well. If there’s additional charges, you can reduce the price like 5% and sell it a bit expensive.

For the author fee, you need to sell more to get better commission but the best is 70/100 if you become “Elite Author”. The difference would be 50/100 to 70/100

yes, for each sale payment you have to pay author fee.
Exclusive Author Fee 12.5% - 37.5%

so to reduce author fee you have to increase sales so that ‘Total value of your item sales’ amount get increased and you will get upper author level.

If you have any other query you can post in this thread.