How many licenses do I need?


I need to create a new single website, but it has two environments (development & production). How many licenses do I need? The development one is not publicly accessible.


Hi @denniskdyip,

You will not be able to active the same license at a single time for both development & production environments. You can use the license for development environment and when the development done then deregister the license and use the license for production environment.


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Is that for all themes purchased on Themeforest? Or is this specific to Bridge and the way they authenticate/validate theme purchase.

The challenge is what if I need it back on the development site (testing, updating)? It’s easy to turn off the licenses on the production site, but that also means until I’m done testing etc, the shortcodes etc appear instead of the actual elements I want shown.

The license terms are same for all Items in envato market. But if you like you can get in touch with the theme author through theme Comments page or author profile page contact form to know how they managed the license for dev environment.

Ok great idea - thanks for the suggestion.

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