Theme License for Production and Test enviornment


Do I need to purchase 2 license of a theme if I need to use the the theme in Production and Test environment or Only 1 license will suffice.



Hey @pradeeptanandan

If the test environment is technically part of the end product, you’ll only need one. If you’ll be creating multiple end products out of the one test environment, you’ll need a new license for each end product.

Hope that helps.


Thanks. The test enviornment will be in a different box in intranet but will be the same replica of production environment

In this case will 1 license suffice.


Yep. The testing environment is part of the single end product.

As a point of comparison. It’s like the model of a building (testing environment), and a physical end-product of a building. They are both components required to get to the end product of the building.