How I Make My Music Kits? [60 seconds]

Hello guys!

Here’s a little video I did today on a live stream while creating a music kit.
It’s a condensed version on how I create my music kits!

Enjoy! :slight_smile::rocket:



Hey Olexandr, you work very fast :sweat: No wonder you’re an Elite Author! Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! Do you see good sales from your music kits? I’ve been hesitant to put in the effort.

Studio One is perfect for building kits :wink:

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What a coincidence!! Just a while ago I was thinking of creating a topic on kits because I think it is still not much discussed in the forums and there is much to learn since it is something relatively new in AJ.

Thank you very much for the contribution. By the way…Do reviewers usually accept all kits ?.
I understood that depending on reviewers opinion, whether they consider they are relevant enough or not.

Good Job Olexandr!

Nice video @OlexandrIgnatov, thanks for sharing this!

Great tutorial! Thanks!

You’re welcome guys! And thanks for watching :slight_smile:

Thank you so mush for video. Only would like to ask, how much time you make usually the music kit?

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Usually in 30-50 mins.

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Useful Tip Olex. Really nice workflow to learn. Thanks.

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