Music Kit campaign on FB

Hi guys,

So this morning, I stumbled upon a new ad for Music Kits on Facebook. It reads: “Haven’t checked out music kits yet? They’re a cool way to simplify creating music for your project; just drag and drop to get the perfect soundtrack.

Not at all a misleading wording… and a low blow to the actual music creators.

I have nothing against Music Kits as I think they can indeed be a great tool to some editors. But the term “creating” is just not ok!

  1. It’s false advertising. No you wont be able to create music when you buy a Music Kit. You will be able to adapt it more easily to your project, but that’s about it.

  2. It is denying the ownership/creation of the actual authors.

  3. It once again cheapens the music some more. Now, music is something you can create with just a few drags and drops, and anybody can do it apparently. Definitely not a complex art form that requires knowledge, skills, and (so much) hard work!

So please Envato, try and be careful with your choice of words. Having “adapting” instead of “creating” would have been so much better.

For my fellow authors who have provided Music Kits, this just an FYI in case you didn’t know, this is how they market your work and creation.