How good sales on themeforest? please help me

Hi to all:

How I can make good sales HTML on themeforest? please help me.

My bad sales please see my portfolio thanks.

Improve your work in general.

Add more features/pages to your HTML templates on regular basis for example. Improve the code and design quality. Present your work in a better way. Create better item descriptions, add images presenting certain item features and etc. You can create video guides how to use your items or how to solve problems with it and things like that.

Adding something and leaving it there on it’s own is usually a bad idea.


Many thanks, I will make more works html and i will upload video youtube regards.

a question… i can updates html my item approved? i need improvements designs and codes

I believe you can improve your code and graphics without making any general changes. For example if have a tabs menu but only text is clickable and you want to improve this section by creating the whole tab to be clickable or you want to improve your typography or colors things like that.

There is always something to be improved. You can also add additional pages to the templates for example 2-3 more contact pages designs so the template keep growing and offer more to the customer.

Im pretty sure you are allowed to do that but I suggest you to consult with Envato Support first.

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I need make more pages 1 item good sales?

I don’t say that if you make one more page you will have more sales (may be you will :slight_smile: ) I’m talking about improving your items in general.

By improving your items quality AND your services (like customer support, documentations and etc) you will have better chance to get more customers.

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Many thanks, do I can update my item good sales? my item bad sales

I will change design and code html very better

You definitely can work on the typography and elements there. Look around the net there are some good articles like this one: that may help you


My other item better design and code is but yestersday approved themeforest

Pick one and focus on it. Improve it, create better description. The item description is the item presentation, make it eye catchy and clear for the customer to understand what the item offer. If there is need, create a documentation how to use the template. When you are done, move to the next.

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will update description, etc my template growlife many thanks :slight_smile:

I will updates all my items psd and html :slight_smile:

I love you help me


How I can add image design 590 x 3000px my description?

The description width is 616px. 3000px may be too much for a single photo. Make it few images, but don’t make it all graphical, put some text too for the search engines.

For example:

1.This item is this and this and will help you to do this (text paragraph)
2. Image art presenting the item
3. Item Features are: this, this, this and this (text paragraph)
4. Image art displaying the certain elements of the item (menu, headers and etc.)

And at the end you may put a Changelog letting the customer know about the latest changes. You can use a “pre” tag for it. Look really good :slight_smile:

but problem I ont know how I can upload image description please help me

You will have to host the images on your server and using img src tag in the description to display them. Just like you do in html.

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than I add

<img src="..." alt="">

description my item


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many thanks :slight_smile: I will fix it today :slight_smile: I hope good sales

Good luck

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