how Envato Market Plugin works? and how to develop demo of wordpress themes?

Hi i am a wordpress theme developer and new to Themeforest. i have developed a blog theme that i think is ready to be uploaded for themeforest approval but before i do that i need some help with the following questions, if anybody could answer them that would be a big thanks.
1- How do i integrate Automatic updates through Envato Market Plugin? i saw a question here that for automatic updates through Envato Market Plugin, i don’t have to do anything for it so is that true?
2- What is this Purchase code? and how do i integrate it in my theme? i saw an article on it here at envato market but couldn’t understand it very well could somebody explain it what it is and how do i integrate this in my theme?
3- I need help with developing the demo or live preview for my theme. many themes gives this live Customizer Options on the side and i was planning on using set_theme_mod() and update_option() to do this but i have no idea how to use these as well maybe use links as form submit buttons and run these functions but still clueless. can anyone guide me how to make demo or live previews for my themes?

Thanks if anybody could answer them it will means alot thank you

1- You can use third party extension (TGM) just to install the Envato Market (EM) plugin
2- Purchase code and integration is for buyer, not for you. Once they purchase the item, they will get the code and what they need to do is to enter the username/purchase code into EM
3- Refer, WordPress documentation or Google.

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  1. yes true, you don’t need to do anything.
  2. you can check this thread all posts how to verify purchase using purchase code:
    How to verify a purchase code using the Envato API
  3. you have study more on this and also you can check how those things done by other author by purchasing your popular one.

Thank you All but could anyone give me a link or an article to guide me about the demo or live preview? literally anything will be of so much help.

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