How do you usually get images for the profile page?

Hi. guys.

I 've seen many nice images in other author’s profile and collection pages, but have no clue how to get these hi-quality images…

Do they manually find and buy it on graphicriver or something? or is there any simple way to access the images?


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Usually you have to pay to access decent quality images, it’s very hard to find what you want if you’re not willing to pay. There are of course numerous sites where you can buy photos, GraphicRiver or PhotoDune are good places to start. You’ll save time paying for photos, if you try to find free stuff it might take you days to get something decent, and it’s not expensive to buy photos.


I download some free pictures, some pictures I purchase at graphicriver or photodune. :slight_smile:

I normally buy images, but just curious how they normally do it - I found some kind of consistency on their images.

I 'll try to get them at graphicriver or photodune first.

Thank you!

100% free public domain images. No need to credit image creator if you don’t want to. They have a lot of high quality stuff.

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Thank you. I 'll try it!

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