Logo's and background images?

Where do people get their logos and background images from for their profiles on this site? Is there a section on the site (considering the content) where people have done logos etc etc specifically for authors to use?

You make them or you buy them.

Yeah i figured that. What i meant was, is there a section on the site where “graphics” authors cater for the other authors (as it were)?

Well, if you buy them. Don’t expect to get logos free.

I see you’ve mastered the art of unhelpful replies.

You could just say, “I’m not going to help you in any way” or just not reply…


puzzlefactory was clearly asking where you would find those graphics, and was not expecting them to be free.

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You could try using a free website to create your own logo design, like www.fotor.com

Or else there are other websites around with free logos which you can customise with your own name or initials. There are dozens of designs to choose from, you can’t change the design, but you might find something you like. I spent a long time looking through those free logo sites but didn’t see anything I liked. Any music-themed free logos I saw were rather tacky, for example a pic of a treble clef

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Better to do yourself. It is not difficult.

I made my image and my logo with www.canva.com