Where do you get images for brochures/websites?

I would like to design a brochure but to design it I need to use some photographs. I don’t have any budget atm to go to stock photo sites and buy stock images atm. Do any of you do an agreement from a photographer from photodune where you showcase their photos in your work but you do NOT include photos in purchased files?

Are there any good quality photos that are free to use?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

There’s a post on the wiki about the use of assets in an item.

Hope that helps :wink:

Maybe you find some at 5000 Free Stock Photos

Sealord said

Maybe you find some at 5000 Free Stock Photos

Nice link, thanks!



You’re free to use any watermarked image from PhotoDune in your Marketplace previews if you like as well. See here for more info - http://notes.envato.com/authors/watermarked-previews/

Interesting I didn’t know that

I swear by Photodune :slight_smile: Seriously, the photos are cheap and pro quality!

If I require a photo for a small part of an item preview, I use the Photodune watermarked previews, but for a larger section I buy the photo :slight_smile: Try photodune you won’t look at another site again.


Ps: I “was” an istockphoto subscriber.