How do you equalize panning channels but actually do it?

Every time I pan stuff all I can do is just change the volume of each channel. But, if I have something that’s extremely panned to one side to begin with, reducing the volume of one channel just makes the sound completely disappear since there was little audio information recorded in the other channel to begin with and not of the other channel to increase the volume of.

What I tried which should work is simply duplicating the sound, flipping the channels and then overlaying it over the original sound and making both 50% their original volume. It works in a way but it works so well that it actually forces all the sound to be perfectly in the middle all the time and that basically turns the sound into a mono channel and sounds exactly as if it were a mono-channel.

Offsetting the sound helps with this somewhat, but, it still doesn’t work for the most extreme panning scenarios.