how do we contact the artist to tell them files are missing?

how do we contact the artist to tell them files are missing? this artist didnt include the MTL files, thus that makes the OBJ and GLTF files useless. you cant import them into After Effects without the corresponding MTL the Sport 3D Illustration, Objects ft. academic & baseball - Envato Elements @RantautypeStudio

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Or you can find the author here:

You need to remember however, that elements is different to the marketplace, and therefore support or update options will not be included with the elements subscription.

i looked at your video real quick, that only seems to apply to videohive, not envato. and i tried looking for this same product on videohive (that i found on envato) and didnt see it on video hive. so my question still stands: how do you contact authors on envato only?


If you purchased the item through the envato marketplace (example Themeforest, Codecanyon, Graphicriver etc) then you would have bought and paid for support.

Using envato elements is different - you pay one monthly fee to download from any available source, but that does not include support or updates if a theme, a graphic, or any other item does not match your expectations.

I wanted to jump in on this because I have sent several emails through support to the author of the theme I purchased but have not received a reply. It is very critical that I receive a reply as it is a live website amongst other issues. Is there a way to file a complaint or to have Envato intervene at some point to make sure the authors are backing up their support? I am just wondering if Envato “polices” the authors in any way?

i actually reached out to the author on graphic river and their independent website. and they informed me that ENVATO TOLD THEM not to upload the MTL files. why would envato tell them that? without the MTL files the obj and GLTF files are useless in after effects. this particular author didnt include the MTLs when other authors have. clearly a lot of deeper rooted issues here.

another very similar post/graphics package (from another author) on envato had MTL files included with their PNG and GLTF files. so how were they able to include that in their downloaded elements when its “not allowed”? 3D Golf Illustration, Objects ft. 3d & illustration - Envato Elements


You’re looking for an answer on a forum! If you have complaints then you need to contact Envato and speak to them as they ultimately are the only ones who can help you.