How do I open a ticket in the Help Center?

Hi. Envato rejected me one item without giving proper explanations about the reason. And in the e-mail they sent me it says:

"If you wish to have a more specific explanation of why your item was rejected, please open a ticket with Envato Support. "

…However, he did not gave any url to do so.

I tried to find out the way to open a ticket in the help center and the contact webpage, I didn’t see anything about that. No way to contact envato.

Someone can explain me how can I open a support ticket to know why the reason my items (two different items) on VideoHive were rejected?.

Thanks for read.

Here :point_right: Envato Help & Support Center.


Done, and as expected they even don’t want to give me a specific reason of the hard rejection.

The reviewer said this in the email when he hard rejected my item:
If you wish to have a more specific explanation of why your item was rejected, please open a ticket with Envato Support.

But at the moment to open a ticket to ask for that reason THEY WILL NOT SAY ME ANYTHING ABOUT:

" Given the sharp rise in submissions of all quality levels, staff can no longer afford to take longer to elaborate reasons and deploy custom messages for hard rejecting submissions where several or important aspects of a composition, arrangement and/or production are deemed insufficient for acceptance.

The reviewers have thousands of submissions to listen to. The reality is that our marketplaces are stocks and we are not yet able to afford to provide tutorial services for each submission of an author, so it’s simply not practical for business purposes to allot significant additional time to explain to thousands of individuals how to specifically improve the composition, arrangement, mixing or mastering for an item that misses the mark by too wide a margin. My apologies."

…What is that?, “my apologies”?. IT IS THE RESPONSABILITY OF ENVATO TO SPECIFY A SPECIFIC, CLEAR AND UNDERSTANDABLE REASON FOR A HARD REJECTION, and even more when the reviewer is who said that I can obtain that specific reason by openning a ticket. What a LIE, and what a regrettable moderation/rewieving service.

A rewiever really can’t spent 30 seconds of him life to write a specific reason for a hard rejection after he decided to reject that item?. I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THAT LAZYNESS and that lack of respect for all authors.

How is supposed that a author can try to publish a item if the market company Envato doesn’t even want to specify him the reason about why the item was rejected? the author can’t try to improve the things on he failed because Envato “don’t have the time to” say to him which were those things that need to be improved.

And everyday thousands of authors need to deal with this kind of disgusting policy. Ridiculous.

So what is supposed that I must do now? I should try by myself to take conclusions and to use my own imagination to try think about which reasons could be why they rejected my item? and then what? I should reupload what I think it is a improved item and then maybe I will get banned because re-submittion of what they think is not a good item but they will not say me their reasons?, really Envato? really?.

This is… this is… I don’t have the words to describe this.