How do I find out if my submitted template is accepted or rejected?

Yesterday, I had submitted my first html website template to themeforest. It was showing that my submitted template is queued for review. But today I just don’t see any notification if my template got accepted or rejected. Also there is no message about the review. I tried searching my account thoroughly but still I couldn’t find it. Its like there is no trace of my submitted template. What should I do?


You can submit your live demo here our expert author will give you feedback about your item quality.


Ok but what about the template I submitted? Also what exactly do you mean submit live demo here? Like on this post?

They will reply to you through your mail id which one you used for open envato account.
They Must send you mail about your submitted item accepted or rejected.

This is Themeforest item review time

Rejection happens to all of us, and it can be a salutatory experience. In the case of submitted papers, authors who are early, as well as those established in their careers, will experience rejection. In response to a rejection letter, one should not react by ripping the letter to shreds or, in today’s electronic world.

I understand. Thank you.

Thank you