How do I enable extended support for my item?


I’m new author in envato. I saw extended support policy in many codecanyon item. How can I enable extended 6/12 month extended support for my item?

Hey @mcc-ltd

I believe you can change your item support settings under the ‘Edit’ tab of your item. Have you looked there?

I didn’t able to find this option. Can you please give exact path?

You’ll find this on your item page.


I got those fields:

  • Description
  • Files Included
  • Software Version
  • Demo URL
  • Video Preview Resolution
  • Name
  • Thumbnail
  • Main File(s)
  • Inline Preview Image
  • Preview Screenshots
  • Optional Live Preview
  • Optional Video Preview
  • Tags
  • Message to the Reviewer

The input list not contains any support option.

Ah, I see. I think the support policy doesn’t apply to items in the Mobile category, that’s why you don’t see the support option.