How to add support option to an existing envato item

Hello Everyone,
I’m new as an author on the Envato. Recently my 1st app got approved on the CodeCanyon. After my app was approved I came to know that I manually need to enable support of my item. I have followed Envato’s official docs to enable support. I’ve chosen support through email.

Still, I can’t see the support plan on my item.

I want the Add to Cart button should also show the extended support option.

So I tried to follow the official docs. But I’m unable the find the Supporting your item option.

I really hope anybody can please help me with how to enable the support feature. I’m looking since the morning to enable this feature but I am unable to find that option.

Hi @softisia,

Please check ‘Update Description & Price’ section. there you will get option for Item support.


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@mgscoder Thank you for your reply. But I’ve tried to explore this option before but didn’t find the option.

Oh! find the reson now.
You are trying for Mobile Category and this category not allowed ‘Supporting your item’ option. So, you will not get this Supporting your item option in mobile category.

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Ohh. I didn’t know that. Thank you for your valuable reply.