How do I add previews onto my blog?

I’m not exactly sure how to word this…but when you go onto my blog you have to scroll through each blog post, rather than seeing a preview of each post and being able to click on one and then read the post. An example of what I like is how you can see a preview of each blog post but not the entire post. Does anyone know how to change this? I would prefer not to change my theme since I have already purchased one.

Is it a WordPress blog?

I add a <!--more--> tag where you want the break to occur. Or you can use WordPress’ built-in Read More button -

Hope that helps :smile:

Thanks so much @KingDog!! It is a wordpress blog. This is a bad question but…how do I add a tag? Haha sorry I don’t really know much about this!

Sorry the forum removed the code :smile: I’ve added back in. If you watch the video they also show you the 2 different “more” buttons you can use in WordPress.

@KingDog It worked!! Thank you so so so much!! Have a great day :slight_smile:

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My pleasure :smile: