How can I tell what the thresholds are for Author Level badges?

The Badges page shows how much you need to make to earn your next badge, but future badges are a mystery. I’ve looked in the help center and couldn’t find any info on this. I see a little question mark above the badges when I hover over them, so it kind of looks like they’re supposed to show a tooltip - but there’s none. Where can I learn about the thresholds for each of these badges?

Ah ha! It turns out all the badge info can be found here on the forums. Every badge is listed here, including how much money you need to earn each one. Hopefully this link helps someone else, too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The man who created the topic and solved it by himself in the same hour. :smiley:


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This was a great question and impressive you solved it yourself​:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

I wanted to know about the badges too.

Right? :sweat_smile: A few minutes after I posted this, I rememebered that Discourse - the forum software we’re using here - also has badges, and that Envato syncs their badges to the forum. And there they were!

Of course, this makes me wonder: why do the forum badges provide more info than the actual Badges page on the website? :thinking:

@Melowaves The forum badges page has more info, as I found it frustrating that the official badge page only showed details on badges you already had :smiley:

I added more info to Discourse so the forum badge page has all the extra details on what each badge represents. The actual badges are synchronised with Envato Market, but we have more labels and descriptive text over here on the forums.

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