Do you..customers give any points for badges?

Dear and beloved customers of Envato

I have a curiosity which I might or not find answer but there you go:

When purchasing an item, do you give any attention to the badges the seller/author has? Does it matter if he’s an Elite Author or not?

Thanks in advance for those feeling free to express their opinion.

Honestly, no. I do not look at the badges and being an elite author or not does not influence my purchases.

I do look at reviews, read the comments, check the comment response time, go over the demo with a fine tooth comb, view the external support forum if applicable. I have been burned too many times on these marketplaces so i gather as much information as I can prior to purchasing. But the badges and elite author status hold no weight in my decisions.


Awesome, thanks for the clear and honest reply.
Looking forward to hear your voices guys