how can I reach the quality standart for this song

Hey community. What is wrong with this song. It was not acceped ?
please help :slight_smile:

and has this song the quality standarts for Audiojungle

thx for helping me


first track i cant really provide any feedback man ! its really short ! but you have delay layered on your piano ! normally they dont accept delayed piano stuff ! maybe will approve if its in a mix but this stand alone piano i cant see any potential on market !
The second track is nice ! maybe you need a little bit more reverb on percussion and hits !
Brass need better mix !
Check this tutorial

Hope that helps !

thank youu so much :slight_smile:

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no prob buddy ! :slight_smile:

Great tutorial man! Thanks for sharing this. Do you know any good tutorials on how to make that nice staccato strings (as in the tutorial above)?

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yeah man ! what daw you are working with ! ??
If you like how Nick Murray explains things try this !

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Thanks! I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

I work in Bitwig Studio.

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This is what i need! Thank you! I’ve used Logic Pro X in the past, so its not a problem for me :slight_smile:

@andressounds sorry for invading your thread :slight_smile:

no problem :slight_smile:

@WolfSound I have a question about FL Studio. Is FL Studio good enough for Audiojungle? And do you know some good, tutorials about mixing and mastering this kind of sound ? Because you know, I am a new author here and I have never found good tutorials for this. Somtimes my music sounds strange, when I render it out. Maby you know some good stuff. And I am sorry for my bad english :smile:

Yeah man I will gather some videos and post them here later today. Cheers

thx :smiley:

So about your FL Studio ! i dont like it at all to be honest ! the export situation is maybe your soundcard’s problem or maybe something is wrong with the export of FL!
You can read more about daws here !

here’s a Youtube playlist with many video tutorials on FL Studio ! In my opinion they are not so PRO
Maybe try to start with logic ! i use pro tools and couldnt be happier !

hope that helps !

ok thx a lot :slight_smile:

send you a beer

Prost :wink:

The first sounds like a midi , and Delay is not very good ( for the second you need to walk on the balance sheet) ) )

thx for yout tip.
I am not so got in mixing and mastering. So I need more tutorials to improve myself.

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