Music item rejected

Hello everyone, I need your help.
Audiojungle has just rejected the following music (which was my first uppload). It says it is not in line with their professional standards.

Unfortunately, he does not mention the motivations in any way. is it possible that (as I believe) the problem is my blatant lack of preparation in mixing and mastering?

In this case, please: you can recommend an online course or tutorials or anything else that can provide the appropriate preparation (taking into account that I work in Reason 10)?

Thank you so much

Yes the mix is a bit raw. But I’ve heard worse. The main issue is the lack of bass. The drums needs some compressing. The piano sounds too harsh and mechanical (use lower velocities)

But the main issue is the composition/arrangement. The idea is nice but it lacks direction and development, in my opinion.

thanks for the reply. I could understand that they rejected the song because of the bad mix and mastering but really could have done it for the arrangement?

I’ve been working in video production for 20 years and I’ve always appreciated the most essential pieces possible, which is rare to find online.

Really audiojungle (although I heard really bad songs) is the ability to define that arrangement is good and which is not?

I admit that the mix and master is amateur but if I found online this track mixed by professionals I would have bought it … it is deliberately raw and minimal.

Just to give an example the distortion on the piano is desired — it is a choice … questionable certainly … but it is possible that it is judged not professional?

Please give me advice and suggestions on what I am missing and possibly where to learn what I miss. Are online courses of mastering and mixing?

Yes Envato will judge composition and arrangement as well. If they deem the piano to be too harsh, they will reject it even it was a deliberate choice on your part.

For tutorials and courses, YouTube is a great free source. There are hundreds if not thousands of videos on this topic.