How can I make site like this? with lol smurf accounts

Platform Magento may help you realize such a site. I know there are plenty of other platforms that may give you only the design alike. But looking from a different point of view, when you want to have the same optimized site. It is very difficult to avoid mistakes or incorrect operations as a beginner, but I bet you won’t get a high website rank in search results. So, personally I would give you strong advice to get along with Amasty’s SSL Setup Service . Because it is worth investing in something that will be accomplished on a professional level.

You can make this with a lot of techniques, but from your question I guess you’re not very familiar with making websites. That’s why I’d recommend WordPress with the plugin WooCommerce installed.

A lot of hosting services offer a one click WordPress install, after which you only have to upload a nice theme, download WooCommerce and then you can start adding products. When you use a paid premium theme like Salient, you can even get a webshop up and running in a few hours.