I need to create a website similar to this site with this features


I need to create a website similar to this https://www.runultra.co.uk/

Basically this site have to a runners community where everybody can search any race using multiple nesting filters to find the proper race to them.
also need to have a review system of the races where runners can qualify and then you can search a race base also in the reviews
The site need to have a compare feature to compare races
Also a forum where runners suscribed can interact

I seen a some like real estate or listing wordpress do some of that I need but no one could fit in all that I need, like can create edit and modify the fields to create listing for races instead of house for sell

Any ideas???


Simply pay someone who will make site. You will not find out of box solution. Your example is custom made site. You will save time and money and at the end you will get site by your needs.


you could get an good article theme, and purchase plugin for review & forum to incorporate