How can I make After effects template


How can I make after effects template like great templates in videohive. I did not find any tutorial in web.

How can I learn this things.

I use after effects cs6 and have a little knowledge.

PC characteristics;

4gb ram



Answer please


Maybe you didn’t search a lot. There are tutorials here:
or you can try on youtube, google it for free tutorials or buy some. I can’t share you more details… Just try and I’m sure will you find a lot tutorials.

Note: There is no any tutorial about: “Create similar templates like videohive”, etc…

Authors in videohive, themeforest, etc has a lot of experience. Don’t be hurry just learn a lot and when you 're ready try to create your own template. This kind of learning requires a lot time, don’t forget.

You said you have little knowledge so be patient… and good luck! ; -)


Hi @Hasan2013! I suggest you start with these tutorials about making templates:

“How To Build an Organized and User-Friendly After Effects Template” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

We also have some great After Effects courses at

Good luck!