How Can I Look At My Own Product?

Hello friends;

1 Week Before I Launched a Product Through a CodeCanion, “Your Product Sent to Review” he came to a post, after that I can not get any information about the product was accepted - my product was accepted, I’m new here I do not know how much I’m new? :kızarmak:

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi @Baran_Knt and welcome to our community!

If your item is approved, you will be able to see it from your portfolio page on Envato Market:

Also, an item can be soft rejected or hard rejected, you can find out more here:

There is a possibility that your item is still in the review process, in this case you will see this in your Dashboard page here:

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Hi @Baran_Knt

Welcome to Envato Community.
You can check your Approved Item at (Click Portfolio Tab):

If you have any Approved Item then you can check if it is Soft Reject at (Click Hidden Items Tab):

If you also not found your Item in the above 2 places then check your dashboard right sidebar, may be still in review process. Check Your Account Dashboard right sidebar (Click Dashboard Tab)

You can check the avg review time here:


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Thanks For Your Answer Was Helpful :slight_smile:

You Too Thanks For Your Answer Was Helpful :slight_smile:

Always welcome. Thanks