How can I get rid of emoticons in description?


Hello, I would like to get rid of smiles in description. Every time I write (8) I get smile in sunglasses. You can see expamle here: Is there any way to prevent this?


You cloud write ( 8 ) for instance.


Yes, that’s true but it would look like different from the other numbers. I was looking maybe for some html tag to prevent from using emoticons. I tried

, to prevent html to use code, but it’s doing some weird frame around text and still shows the :sunglasses: I would stop writing in bracket, but when I’m renaming multiple files, this is done automaticaly.


You need to fool the render engine by adding an HTML tag between “8” and “)” that does nothing at all but separates between them. Try this:

(8<a href=""></a>)


It’s working. Thank you very much.


Awesome! :sunglasses:


Yes, I was almost thinking about manualy deleting brackets from all files. You saved me some time. Thanks.