Help with description


I have a quite big problem with description of my items. I want to add images and gif files, but I don’t find anywhere a guide or some buttons to do that. I want aswell to know how to make the text bold or italic. I know it’s sounds a little strange to ask this on a topic, but I will be really grateful if someone could help.



For the bold text it is necessary to put the tags: <strong>your text</strong>
For the italic text it is necessary to put the tags: <i>your text</i>

To add images to a description, you need start to create a mediafire account for upload your images and gif.



Thanks a lot! I uploaded the image but I don’t know the code where I have to put the URL of the image.


Add it as HTML in the description where you would normally just put text etc


For put your image use code: <img src="LINKURLIMAGE">
For put your image + link to click use code: <a href="LINKTOCLICK"><img src="LINKURLIMAGE"></a>



Thanks a lot to both of you.


You’re welcome, good luck for the future :slight_smile: