How can I disconnect Envato account from Wordpress theme?


I have two Envato accounts (A and B), I bought a Wordpress theme (Charity WP) with account A, downloaded and installed it locally. The theme requires registration when setting up by connecting with Envato. I did this, but I accidentally connected using account B. Now I get the error message “No item. Please check again at”. I can’t find away to disconnect account B so I can connect account A.

The theme providers (ThimPress) said they can’t help and I need to get help here.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi @moogiewonderland!

The connection is made using API tokens, which can be created at

You’ll need to do two things:

  1. Login to using account A, and generate a new personal token.
  2. Go into your theme and change the token from the old one (which used account B) with the new one created in step 1.
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