connect wordpress with envato, help!

Hi, I have a subscription of envato, and I normally login with my google account. However, when I try to connect my subscription with wordpress it asks me to follow a link to get a token. The link sends me to a page for new customers where I need to click on already a customer. The problem is that the login page for already customer doesn’t give me the option to login with google and when I add my email and google password it says is not valid. I can login envato perfectly, but I need this token that with the link and login without google option is not possible.

Anyone have any idea? I cant wait 4 days for envato to reply my ticket, as I am working on this website. Thank you very much!!

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Envato Elements downloads do not come with the same licenses/support/updates etc. as purchases from Themeforest so you cannot activate the Envato plugin with them


thank you!