How can i bake my animation in cinema?

Hi guys ,firs thanks for your always support,I have an animation in cinema 4d that i want export that object sequence and use it in AE,In my animation i used Mograph Effectors,My question is How can i bake my animation,because when i take my obj seq to Ae the effect of cinema 4d’s effectors is gone,i think i should bake it in a way…
Thanks in advance.

Hello Its easy.

Shift+F3 to open your Timeline

Then select your object in the timeline (like cloner obj) and on the menu in the timline window press functions and then Bake Objects :slight_smile:

Hi Mohammad and thank you for reply,i have a Cloner and i apply 2 effector and animate them,one is plain effector and tow is delay effector,i animated the plain effector and in time line i select it and function>Bake object…also i export it by plexus obj seq plugin,but when i import it into element 3d its not work,what is the problem?

Mohammad i found the prob,I should use the Mograph cache Tag.

I have onother question,Is there any plugin that can export object sequence with separate materials?

Try Riptide Pro for export your animation from cinema to Element3D or …
Be happy

thanks alot…best wishes