Hotel Theme with online booking Paypal and Credit Card Gateway for Greece

I’m looking for a nice hotel theme with online booking accepting PayPal and most importantly compatibility with a credit card gateway that supports Greek businesses.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance!

Hello again, I have found a lot of themes for hotel, what I’m looking for is one that supports credit card gateway for Greek businesses for example I have found one that I like and does support paypal and stripe payments but stripe does not support Greece.

So I’m looking for a hotel booking system that supports a gateway and that gateway supports payments to Greek businesses.

Template don’t have nothing with payment options. You have plugins any you can search plugins for gateway what you want. How can I know what payments you want to use?

That’s why I’m asking here looking for suggestions if anyone knows such theme that supports a gateway for Greek hotels (for credit card) to narrow it down because there are so many.

YOU need to choose what payment gateway you want to use not me or someone else. Again theme don’t have nothing with payment gateway 99% templates is use woocommerce and you need to search woocommerce plugins.

Hi @telakos

Perhaps we have the theme that could be your solution.

Please check two of our hotel themes here. They both have WooCommerce with the ability to integrate any payment method, any payment gateway. We also had customers from Greece in the past. You can also translate the theme easily and finally both themes are using our own Hotel Booking System which is currently the WP Hotel Booking add-on with the most active installation:

Please check more info about the theme here:


I love this one ! @telakos

You could try our booking plugin. This means you can use any theme and then add booking capabilities to it. We support paypal, stripe, twocheckout and woocommerce out of the box. Twocheckout supports greece as well, so you should be fine.