Hotel Reservations Template + Plugins

Hello, i m looking for a wordpress theme (right compination of theme and plugins) that can support an online hotel management for reservations and payments via visa, mastercards and paypal (Ability for advance payment ex. 15% would be appreciated). Because i am using and for reservations, i would like to have a complete management tool through my site to manage at once all these together. Any idea about which Themes and Plugins should i use? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You can try with Listify.
I have made few sites with that template. It can be customizied by your needs.

Thank you Zaccc for the instant reply. I would like a complete proposal/opinion on needed plugins which should be used, so the reservations and so for the total of payment methods. How about the ability of managing AirBnB,, OTAs… together with my own booking system?

In that case it is best to use some Airbnb clone script. I am just working on such site.
You will have all options.
You can contact me if you want that I give you quote for such site.

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