theme for wordpress

Hello everyone, I need your help.
I would like to create a site with wordpress, until now I used the free themes to better follow the course of preparation, now I want to build one advanced for a hotel of a friend.
Meanwhile, I wanted to ask if the themes of them ThemeForest recommendation, if there are issues best for you, maybe for positioning, architecture, etc.
The most important thing I want to know is what theme to choose, many councils still do not know them, so I’ll explain what I need mainly, an issue that does not require in any way work on the code, but that is totally editable, customizable, a theme that it is responsive.
Considering the purpose of stizzirei I must then place a reservation system on her payments online, via social access, registration forms and login, newsletter, etc.
You guys do you recommend? at least understand what I need to do it right.
thank you all.
P.S. please explain in simple terms, I am not a technician.


There are many Hotel WP themes but you need to check and see which looks right for the hotel itself - especially if you are not comfortable editing it dramatically.

Some (not all) will have booking setup in the theme or there are numerous plugins that do it (unless you are using a third party tool).

With all due respect even the best themes on here are going to require some technical knowledge to configure correctly let alone edit unless your client wants exactly what the demo looks like but with different images and text.

Also something to consider if you are catching people’s personal data let alone any kind of payment details when booking then you need to be 110% sure you have set it up and configure it right and that the system is secure (that’s why hotels use third party systems not WP generally for this stuff) or else you could end up in a huge amount of trouble