Hotel theme with custom pricing

My name is Daniel. Im looking for a small hotel or bed & breakfast theme with booking. I need paricular room pricing rulles that consider the number of occupants in the room. Please can anyone help ?

Have you checked this category?

Hey Daniel,

Villagio theme definitely supports this functionality

The booking system of this theme supports variable pricing - you can price rooms differently based on a number of occupants in the room.

Alternatively, you can take a look at Oceanica theme, it’s powered by the same booking plugin, though features a different (hotel) design:

You don’t need a theme for this. This is plugin territory. Feel free to go with any theme you love, then get Calendarista. The plugin can do more than any theme can achieve for you booking wise :wink:

If you need to do something specific contact through the items profile page with your presale questions.

I love this one ! @dannfoll2 seems to be the best hotel theme at the moment :