Looking for airbnb and/or booking site Wordpress theme with extra feature


I’m looking for a theme that has similar features as Airbnb, but with a feature that gives the customer the option to add a daytrip or excursion. Airbnb theme has my preference to start with. A (hotel) booking site theme with this extra feature is needed this year to.

Thanks in advance, Charles

Hello :smiley:

Maybe some of these Airbnb style themes will have what you’re looking for:

Thanks for the list. I will look into it Best Regards Charles

Hey if you are interested in creating your own Airbnb like website.

I would suggest you to try, RentALL.

RentALL - Airbnb Clone Script help you to build a top-notch rental marketplace Platforms. It is designed with Advanced technologies, advanced features and benefits to improve your rental business in the market.

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