Hosted preview images randomly not showing...?

Hello! It’s my first time here on the forums.
I’m having this problem, with my previous actions I used to upload preview/promotional pictures to Yesterday I checked, and all of my images were down, I was specially worried about my last submission because it’s new and still getting a good amount of views, so if all images are down, this means no sales for me. The link to my item is HERE
I tried fixing this uploading the pictures of this item to and it worked for some time(checked both on desktop and mobile, also a friend of mine checked) then it stopped again. What?
And what is funny is that pictures from Tinypic started working again after they were down for some hours (I never touched the coding from these).
Most of the images are .Gif, I don’t know if this could have anything to do with this problem, but I just wanted to clarify this.
A friend of mine who knows more about programming checked posting the links to my pictures (the ones on imgur) to his site and pictures worked fine there, but not in this site (remember, they work sometimes but most of the time are down)

I really don’t know what to do, any help will be really appreciated!

Create a free hosted website on You will have 3GB space for your preview images. I had the same issues with imgur.


hi maybe u can try to use deviantart as well … this is sort of a bit made for this too

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Thank you so much for your suggestions :slight_smile: both are great alternatives

Yea I had the same problem, all of the main sites youd think to use (Imgur, Photobucket, flickr) have all changed the way they work. Now most of my items and my profile have been sitting with broken or watermarked images. I never thought to use deviatART though, so I’ll probably go for that.

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Hey! I just found a site that is working for me now, I’ll be having to keep an eye on this from time to time but at least for now my preview images are working :slight_smile: it’s a site called PostImage , I hope it helps!

Looks like a good one to use. Let me know how it works for you.

It’s been working for more than 24 hours straight :smiley: